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Food Is Power

Food has the power to distinguish an experience.

You want to serve vegan, kosher, organic, halal, vegetarian, gluten free or ethnic options? No problem!

You want oven-fresh rolls and scratch only, whole food dishes? Done!

You want humane, cage-free products and biodegradable disposables? You got it!

You want 24X7 access, multi-stations, grab-and-go express meals and traditional holiday feasts? Can do!

We’re fascinated by the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of people and food.

We Play It Safe

Our food safety protocols are hard at work behind the scenes.

Our “Food Safety Specialist” routinely monitors and evaluates our processes and people. Holding ourselves accountable to best-in-class food safety practices creates efficient systems, enhances training, and exceeds local safety and health inspection standards

We've Baked in the Goodness

Our robust approach to marketing is baked into a much bigger strategy. Every contributor hired, recipe approved or meal served is expected to deliver the kind of “big flavor” that creates real connections.

Our on-site kitchen crews cultivate loyalty by developing signature foods that leave gratified people craving for more. By developing menus that reflect your cultural preferences and hiring people with a playful, but genuine approach to relationship building we woo your community to the table.

We're Sustainable

We work closely with clients to develop customized, food service programs that satisfy your cultural palate, enhance your brand experience all while conserving resources and guarding the future.

Advancing your sustainability goals, accelerates our own. We are stronger stewards working together.

We’re Fresh

Our approach to food service is fresh. We prepare meals from scratch using the freshest ingredients every chance that we get.

Our preference for real cooking controls costs, produces savory flavors, reduces the amount of salt, sugar and oils used and ensures that your community is eating a balanced meal in the right proportions.

Eating fresh matters.

Your Menu Is Yours

We don’t have a corporate, one-size-fits-all, rotating menu that places your menu at the mercy of national food manufacturers or distribution channels. We’ll never box you up in a plan that doesn’t suit you.
Your menu is yours. It was designed for you with a personal touch.

Our staff is Your Staff.

We hire for savvy, skill and heart at Personal Touch.

We’ll thoughtfully place an on-site operations team that will work seamlessly with you to enrich your culture.

Our entire Company is encouraged to “own” our roles. We're empowered with all the decision-making autonomy that we’ll ever need to execute strategies and solve on-site problems.

We love food. We love people. And it shows!

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