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D'Youville College
D'Youville College has contracted with Personal Touch Food Service since December of 2002.

D'Youville College has contracted with Personal Touch Food Service since December of 2002. In fact Personal Touch came to our rescue as our prior food service operator decided to prematurely terminate our contract with them.  As a result on very short notice PT came in, saved the day and we hardly missed a beat.

Since that time I have found Personal Touch very easy to work with in all aspects of our food program, which today consists of a full resident student meal program and two additional on campus food outlets, and a third outlet on the way, along with catering for everything from a coffee setup to formal dinners and receptions.

Perhaps the aspect of working with Personal Touch that I appreciate the most is their responsiveness.  I have worked in the past with three national food service companies and was always plagued by the delays in our communications streams.  With Personal Touch that has never been the case. The home office has always been there for me, be it a small or large item. They go out of their way to communicate with you and if a face to face meeting is needed it is easily accommodated.

In terms of the management of our operation it has been a collaborative effort between the college and Personal Touch. College students can be a difficult crowd to please and we have worked with PT on any issues that have developed and worked towards mutually agreeable solutions. At the same time PT has consistently made suggestions to us on how to improve the operation, how to make it more efficient, and how to meet the desires of their customers.

In conclusion, I have no hesitation in giving Personal Touch my highest endorsement. It is a people and results oriented company and I am very pleased to have them with us at the college.

Robert P. Murphy
Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management
D'Youville College