K-12 Schools 

Nourishing tomorrow's leaders...

The cafeteria carries a lot of expectations.  It's a place where friendships are made, secrets told, and young minds go to refuel.  Personal Touch knows what an important job it is to nourish tomorrow's leaders.

Your students want a choice and great taste.  You want nutrition and value.  Personal Touch provides both.  Through our extensive experience with schools and school systems, we've developed a unique sensitivity for student needs and respect for meeting administrative goals.  Whether it's the USDA subsidized meal program or an a la carte cafeteria service, a cash operation or card debit system, Personal Touch is up to the challenge.

Every facility we manage - public, private, or parochial - receives a unique approach customized to meet individual needs.  Personal Touch school solutions include:

  • Development of menus around the school's mission and goals
  • Continuous input from administration, students, and staff
  • Merchandising for maximum student participation
  • Offering a variety of nutritional choices and student favorites
  • Bringing excitement and personality to the experience

We can use your food facilities as they are, or redesign them as necessary.  We keep our relationship flexible to meet any challenge.

Colleges and Universities

Satisfying choices for selective students...

For college students, meals should be the high point of the day.  They're a chance to take a break, socialize and indulge, as well as refuel.  The Personal Touch approach to food service lets students do all of these things, while having a nutritional meal.

Variety and value are our key words.  We provide students with satisfying choices while keeping costs down for administrators.  You can rely on our flexibility, responsiveness to your evolving needs, and overall accountability.

Personal Touch higher education solutions include:

  • Emphasis on fresh foods
  • Options for full meals, quick bites, and food to go
  • Vegetarian and ethnic cuisine
  • Multi-station service
  • Holiday and special events menus
  • Cultural and religious sensitivity

Students are busy and demanding.  They want the food they want with as little hassle as possible.  That's what Personal Touch pledges to deliver, and with no hassle to you.


Delicious meals for distinguished residents...

Meeting the many demands of an adult residence, nursing facility, or other type of residential program is the greatest and most rewarding challenge we face.  Working within the constraints of nutrition, medicine, taste, value, and quality, Personal Touch staff prepares meals that please.

Our expertise allows us to complement the clinical expertise of your staff and enhance the atmosphere of health, healing, and comfort for your facility.  Whether you require a specialized nutritional program or a dedicated dietitian, Personal Touch can deliver.

From menu planning and preparation to complete facility management, as a flexible and responsive partner, Personal Touch provides the cost-efficient level of service you require:

  • Menu planning customized to meet residents' tastes
  • On-site management with knowledgeable and caring staff
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and supplements
  • Holiday, birthday, and special events menus
  • Dining room and in-room service

Placing authority at the site manager level empowers them to make decisions that provide guaranteed satisfaction for you and your residents.

We support you in promoting a positive community image through increased resident satisfaction and employee morale.  Whether you provide assisted living or residential care, Personal Touch can meet the challenges of your unique operation with quality, value, and service that pleases everyone.


The effortless way to extraordinary events...

When you entertain, your guests expect something special.  The Personal Touch catering team will surpass both their expectations and yours.  Catering only for existing customers allows us to devote our total attention to you.

First, we work with you to plan your event and ensure you receive exactly what you want within the budget you prescribe.  We can meet your catering needs for events such as:

  • Cocktail receptions
  • Holiday parties
  • Awards banquets
  • Gala dinners
  • Picnics and barbecues

Then we take care of every detail:

  • Food and drink
  • Servers and bartenders
  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens, flowers, and decorations

Will you need a tent, dance floor, or sound system?  We'll take care of that too.  Your event is an expression of who you are and the image you are trying to project.  We guarantee a shining impression.

Business & Industry

Providing your employees everything they deserve...

Cafeterias are much more than just a break room for hardworking employees. They're where you show your people how valuable they are. You don't have to go through a lot of fuss to provide them with the best-that's Personal Touch's specialty.

Personal Touch handles every detail of your food service. You provide the parameters, and we do the rest. From hiring staff to buying and stocking supplies, Personal Touch takes care of all of your food service needs. We can even create a dining space that reflects your company's culture and values-from an intimate bistro setting to a bustling multi-station cafeteria.

Personal Touch solutions include:

  • Emphasis on fresh foods

  • Options for full meals, quick bites, and food to go

  • Vegetarian and ethnic cuisine

  • Holiday and special events menus

  • Cultural and religious sensitivity

The Personal Touch site manager is your direct contact and the person with the ultimate authority. Ask and it's done. No negotiations, no excuses.

Consulting Services

Many institutions and companies struggle with day to day management and finances of their food service program and don't know where to turn. For those looking for a professional assessment of their cafeteria operation, Personal Touch offers consulting services to provide you insight and solutions to improve.

Whether your concerns are menu development, nutrition, low sales, facilities, food safety and regulations, procurement, production, staff, or finances; Personal Touch will customize our consulting services to provide you the information you need and a road map for future success.

Our services include:

  • Initial meeting to define objectives and outcomes.

  • Evaluation of current operation to include on-site observation of staff, facilities, merchandising, customer flow, hours of service, etc.

  • Financial review of daily/weekly/monthly/annual, sales, transactions, deposits, meal counts, point of sale reports, customer trends, staffing hours/wages/benefits, food costs, procurement, etc.

  • Innovative solutions to reduce costs and improve services to meet your objectives.

  • Recommendations for alternatives if solutions do not meet desired outcomes.


Call us today to see how we can add a "Personal Touch" to your cafeteria operation.