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We Honor Aging With Independence & Dignity

There’s more to eating than calorie intake when it comes to feeding seniors. Memories, taste buds and appetites may dim over a lifetime, but the significance of food preferences, rituals and choice does not dull with aging. Mature residents cherish the simple pleasure of celebrating life with the foods they’ve always loved to eat.

The freedom to make food choices, socialize and enjoy a meal are all acts of independence and dignity that impact many senior’s sense of fulfillment three times a day. We bring a seasoned culinary perspective to our work

Savor the Flavor

You’re different. So are we.

We’ve never met two communities of people that love and crave the exact same foods. Working together we'll authenticate a distinctive program that satisfies your cultural palate, distinguishes your mission and enhances your resident experience.

We create savory menus and gratifying dishes that appeal to your whole community, in spite of dietary restrictions and constraints.

Our differentiation is delivering yours.

A Fresh Focus Makes All The Difference

Our well-prepared dishes made from fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean protein sources are a therapeutic advantage. We prepare meals from scratch using the freshest ingredients every chance that we get.

Our preference for real cooking controls costs, produces savory flavors, reduces the amount of salt, sugar and oils used and ensures that your community is eating a balanced meal in the right proportions.

By focusing on quality ingredients and high standards of preparation we create popular dishes with superior flavor and nutrition value.

We prove everyday that delicious meals and healthy food are compatible goals.

Every meal should be a happy meal

A healthy, balanced meal doesn't have to be bland or boring. Meals are a focal point of the day for most residents. They shouldn't disappoint.

Family members are far more likely to stay and share a meal with residents if the food is enjoyable.

We celebrate people and food with a personal touch.

Our Registered Dietitian Has An Appetite For Life

Our registered dietitian works directly with our culinary crew to ensure that nutrition standards are met simply, holistically and more deliciously.

Our expertise allows us to compliment the clinical expertise of your staff and enhance the atmosphere of health, healing and comfort.

We Play It Safe

Our food safety protocols are hard at work behind the scenes.

Our “Food Safety Specialist” routinely monitors and evaluates our processes and people.

Holding ourselves accountable to best-in-class food safety practices creates efficient systems, enhances training, and exceeds local safety and health inspection standards.

They're Taking Food Serious. Are You?

When choosing between Long Term Recovery, Treatment Options and Retirement Communities, food persuades. Your prospective residents understand the power of good nutrition in their decision making process.

Residential communities that offer interesting and healthy fare are far more likely to attract baby-boomers that are turning 65 at a rate of 8,000 people a day.

More than ever, food is a cultural symbol of vitality and independence. People thinking ahead are thinking serious about food.

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