Personal Touch Food Service

Nutrition & Wellness Policy

Policy Statement

Personal Touch Food Service is committed to promoting better health and wellness by offering the highest quality foods and preparation techniques in accordance with current scientific evidence and is dedicated to providing up-to-date nutrition and lifestyle education to enhance knowledge and application toward development of lifelong wellness practices.

It is the policy of Personal Touch Food Service that:

  • Personal Touch Food Service will take every measure to ensure client access to foods and beverages that meet our nutrition goals as well as federal, state and local laws and guidelines.
  • Nutrition and wellness policy goals will be considered in planning all corporate-based activities.
  • Nutrition policy guidelines will be considered in all purchasing and preparation techniques to assure the highest quality, nutrient dense foods are made available to all Personal Touch Food Service consumers.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle education will be provided for clients and staff to foster healthy lifestyle habits, encouraging daily consumption of nutrient-dense foods in appropriate quantities and adequate physical activity.
  • Foods offered, preparation practices, and nutrition and wellness education provided will be evaluated regularly to monitor implementation of policy goals.
  • Personal Touch Food Service will monitor, review, and revise the policy as needed to fulfill the mission of promoting better health and wellness among clients and staff.

Nutrition Plan Lessons 

 Lesson 1

 Move more   (click to see video)

 Lesson 1 (Kids) 

 Move More

 Lesson 2

 Smart Snacking    (click to see video)

 Lesson 2 (Kids)

 Smart Snacking

 Lesson 3

 What Should I Weigh

 Lesson 3 (Kids)

 What should I Weigh

 Lesson 4

 Watch the Extras

 Lesson 5

 Dodge the Diet Trap

 Lesson 5 (Kids)

 Dodge the Diet Trap

 Lesson 6

 Get into the Balancing Act

 Lesson 7

 Beat Stress and Boost Your Mood with Good Food

 Lesson 8

 How to Have Healthy and Happy Holidays

Lesson 9 

 Start Smart with Breakfast

Lesson 10

 Proper Portions    (click to see video)

 Lesson 11

 Choose This-Not That

 Lesson 12

 Carbohydrates and Sugar.

 Lesson 13