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Our Winning Recipe

We've been feeding hungry people in over 90 locations across western NY for more than 30 years. In that time we've won an award or two, but that’s not what validates our success. Not to us anyway. What matters to us is that our first client is our oldest client.

We've discovered a recipe that keeps clients coming back for more.

We Get It

We know the food is as much a part of your mission as everything else.

You need a partner that sees food as a unifying aspect of your community.

You want an entrepreneurial partner that will seize every opportunity to differentiate and enhance your brand.

You’re searching for an invested partner that specializes in the kind of demographic tailoring and meal customization that requires a personal touch.

We're the whole enchilada.

We're On A Mission

Our business is successful because we believe in the nourishing power of good people, good food and good business. Our approach to cooking and connecting is an authentic differentiator that positively impacts the experience of your brand.

Our Mission is to nourish your mission.

We’ve Got Chops

We’re in this business because we know the importance of nutrition.

We also know a thing or two about navigating standards and regulations. We have our own registered dietitian working alongside our cooks and chefs to develop and implement special dietary plans such as heart-healthy choices or allergen-free offerings. Having the in-house expertise ensures the healthy balance of our nutrition plans, the truth in our marketing, and the credibility of our promise.

We're Invested

We have deep roots in the communities that we call our own. We generously support the communities that we live and work in with our time, talents, and charitable giving.

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