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Shaping Attitudes

We get students to eat their veggies by getting to know their names.

Catchy names and good stories are powerful motivators that give kids the courage to try new and unfamiliar foods. Students love our “alien poppers”, otherwise known as brussel sprouts, and our "power pellet” peas.

Meal after meal we are deepening your student’s relationship to their food and those of us that serve it with a smile.

No Surprises!

The secret to a sustainable program is preparing foods big on flavor that your students will actually want to eat.

Feeding the same hungry people day after day, year after year requires an invested partner that knows a thing or two about demographic tailoring and meal customization. By interpreting your cultural pallette, we create menus and experiences that keep hungry students coming back for more.

Our customized engagement plans surprise students, surprise parents but, never surprise you!

Values Should Be Seen, Not Just Heard

Everything you do is a reflection of your values. Wowing parents and energizing students with good food is a powerful opportunity to heat up your mission.

Does your breakfast and lunch program reflect your values? Or is your meal plan a missed opportunity?

You Are What You Eat

Food plays a significant role in the self-discovery phase of adolescents defining their personal identities. Eating is a personal act that expresses student's emerging sense of self.

Distinctive programs express your student's identity while differentiating yours.

We're Not Your Average, "Old School" Lunch Ladies

We’ll thoughtfully place an on-site operations team that will take interest in your students and encourage enthusiasm for good foods. Every member of the Personal Touch team is empowered with all the decision-making autonomy that they’ll ever need to execute strategies and solve on-site problems.

We hire for savvy, skill and heart at Personal Touch.

We’ve Earned Our Chops

We’re in this business because we know the importance of nutrition. We also know a thing or two about navigating the standards and regulations. We have our own registered dietitian working alongside our cooks and chefs to develop and implement special dietary plans such as heart-healthy choices or allergen-free offerings. Having in-house expertise ensures the healthy balance of our nutrition plans, the truth in our marketing, and the credibility of our education programs.

School Of Thought

We respect our role in the education process. Food is a powerful teacher that provides a multidisciplinary, hands-on experience.

We love collaborating with teachers to bring lesson plans to life. Count us in for food science experiments, Green Eggs and Ham literary celebrations and historic Presidential favorites.

We're always looking for meaningful ways to connect students to a bigger story of food.

We Play It Safe

Our food safety protocols are hard at work behind the scenes. Our “Food Safety Specialist” routinely monitors and evaluates our processes and people. Holding ourselves accountable to best-in-class food safety practices creates efficient systems, enhances training, and exceeds local safety and health inspection standards.

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