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Group Lead / Closing Kitchen Supervisor - Jamestown Community College

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Job description


Job Title – Group Leader/Cook
Reports To – Unit/Food Service Manager/Director

*This position will be responsible for the closing shift of the kitchen

The purpose of this job description is to communicate the overall purpose, key responsibilities, and duties associated
with this position. The Personal Touch company philosophy requires that all employees contribute on a team basis for
the purpose of overall company success. While the following information should be considered a comprehensive
description of this position, it should be noted that some responsibilities and duties may not be specifically addressed.
Personal Touch reserves the right to amend or change this description at any time.

Job Overview:
The Group Leader/Cook establishes and oversees the kitchen work flow at his/her assigned unit to ensure that meals are
prepared in an efficient and effective manner. The Group Leader/Cook is additionally responsible for receiving supplies,
verifying delivery quantity and quality, and ensuring all supplies are stored appropriately in accordance with health and
safety regulations.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Group Leader/Cook
· Responsible for planning and executing overall food preparation including defining the required steps for
successful food preparation and delegating responsibilities appropriately to kitchen staff.
· Sample, smell and evaluates food to ensure conformance to recipes and standards of taste and appearance.
· Be knowledgeable of quality standards and required portion sizes and ensure food is served in compliance with
· Maintain an awareness of the physical location and productivity of all kitchen staff throughout their shift to
ensure each employee stays on task with his/her individual responsibility.
· Ensure appropriate supply levels and maintained through effective ordering and inventory monitoring
· Responsible for inventory control including ordering food and supplies and effectively utilize food surplus to
capitalize on investments made and control costs.
· Complete and maintain accurate daily production records as well as inventory files.
· Monitor all elements of the kitchen environment including the storage temperature of all food products; the
temperature of water in dish machine and; and cooler and freezer temperature on a daily basis. Maintain
environmental records as necessary.
· Responsible for sanitary conditions in all work areas that meet or exceed health department requirements.
· At the end of shift, check the entire facility for cleanliness of physical plant and all equipment. Verify that all
security measures are in tack to guard against theft.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of All Personal Touch Employees
· The philosophy at Personal Touch includes providing all customers with memorable service. The service
provided by every person at our company touches multiple customers both internally and externally. All
customers must be treated with courtesy and respect and every effort should be made to ensure customer
satisfaction at all times.
· Effective communication is key to customer service. It is the employee’s responsibility to refrain from profanity,
harsh words, or derogatory/inappropriate comments and communicate in a business appropriate manner.
· Personnel at Personal Touch are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times. This includes good
hygiene; and, dressing in clean, neat, professional clothing or uniforms as required. Specific food service
hygiene and dress code requirements are addressed separately in the employee manual.
· Employee reliability is key to exceptional customer service. Productive attendance during your scheduled hours
and timeliness are essential. If unable to work your scheduled shift, reporting requirements are outlined in the
employee manual.
· Continuous learning is a core requirement at Personal Touch. It is the company’s expectation that all employees
are open to and engaged in professional growth opportunities including cross-training for other positions,
teambuilding activities, and skills training programs offered by the company.
· The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance at Personal Touch. Compliance with safety
regulations and reporting all on-the-job accidents and injuries as outlined in the employee manual is required.
· The health and safety of our customers is also of paramount importance at Personal Touch. Compliance with
health department regulations, sanitation requirements, and food safety training is required.
· Attitude is everything! Employees at Personal Touch are expected to maintain a positive “can do” attitude when
communicating with internal and external customers. Any concerns regarding your position or problems you
may experience in the workplace should be addressed privately with your supervisor.
· All employees should be aware that new or additional responsibilities outside the scope of this job description
may be assigned by management as necessary.
Supervisory Responsibilities (position specific; edit accordingly)
· Direct supervision exercised over staff.
· Set goals that are specific, measurable, aligned with company goals, realistic, and time-driven (SMART) for each
· Follow the annual performance review process. Measure performance as compared to annual goals at least
monthly to maintain focus and monitor progress. Recognize good performance and celebrate successes.
· Empower individuals and ensure employees receive ongoing challenges to increase skills and competencies.
Check for understanding and assist individuals in problem solving in a timely manner.
· Coach employees consistently to reinforce positive behavior and to develop strengths and innate talent.
· Address performance deficiencies immediately.
· Occasional need to utilize personal vehicle to visit vendor facilities, corporate office, or other business-related
· Must have valid driver’s license and automobile insurance coverage.
Education and/or Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required
· Two to four years experience in the food service field with one year preferably in a supervisory capacity
· Knowledge of foodstuffs is essential with some food production experience necessary
· Must possess basic math skills, ability to handle money accurately and basic knowledge of cash registers
· Must be able to work at a moderate to fast pace

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: From $16.00 per hour