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Food Service Worker - Villa Maria Convent

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Job Description

This position is located at our client, Villa Maria Convent. This position will have variable shifts and will included shifts every other weekend. Please include your availability along with your resume for consideration for this position.

Summary of position: Our food service workers are considered a jack of all trades; they are cross trained to have the ability to work in various roles at their location. Most often, they assume one of the roles of either Cashier, Dish/Pot Washer, Food Prep and Server, but our employees can perform the duties (on an as needed basis) summarized below:
Essential Duties of the Cashiers, Dish/Pot Washers, Food Prep and Servers:

  • Responsible for accurately accounting for the collection of monies in payment of food products and meal plans:
  • Verify the amount of money provided in the cash drawer at the beginning of his/her shift
  • Check with Unit/Food Service Manager to determine any menu specials for the day or any item price changes
  • Itemize and ring into the register all food and beverage item purchased by each customer and ensure accuracy of total
  • Receive payment from customer and count change due back to the customer
  • Collect cash or check payments for prepaid lunch programs and record payments according to procedure
  • At some accounts locations, it may be required to count money and total checks in cash drawer at the end of shift

Dish/Pot Washers:

  • Maintains a clean, sanitary and compliant healthy environment for food preparation and service.
  • Responsible for monitoring the effectiveness of the dish cleaning machine; monitoring water temperature; and quality of cleanliness of all kitchen items.
  • Responsible for overall operation of dish machine including set up and break down of all parts
  • Wash and properly store all dishes, trays, utensils, cups, and small equipment for the department
  • Set up pot and pan washing, rinsing, and sanitizing sinks; wash & store pots/pans in proper places in a sanitary manner
  • Check the sanitizing sink with test strips provided to ensure proper solution mix and/or proper sanitizing temperature
  • Keeps pot washing supply shelf clean and organized
  • Remove all trash from kitchen and dish room and dispose of it properly
  • Sweep and mop floors daily as assigned and assist in floor cleaning as directed by Manager in other areas
  • Maintain a clean and organized dish room area, including detergent storage area and belt line from dining area
  • Keep all lowerators clean, polished and neatly stored

Food Prep:

  • Contributes to the success of the food service team through preparing selected cold foods and preparing in advance those food items and ingredients necessary for the menu items and/or recipes for the following day.
  • Reviews production sheet to ensure a complete understanding of responsibilities specific to the published meal plan.
  • Washes, peels, chops or dices vegetables, fruits, and other foods as required.
  • Slices, grates and portions meat and cheese.
  • Prepares a variety of cold foods as specified on the production sheet, including but not limited to sandwiches and salads using standardized recipes and ingredient lists.
  • Portions food as required for recipes or as ingredients.
  • Tastes food prepared to insure proper flavor, texture, consistency and quality control.
  • Ensures that all cold foods are maintained at the proper temperature.
  • Cleans and sanitizes utensils and work area before and after use.


  • Contributes to the orderly & efficient distribution of prepared foods as well as creating a positive customer experience.
  • Servers are the front-line representatives prepared to answer questions regarding daily menu items & options availability
  • Set up and maintain the food service line from start to finish including plates, utensils, food, beverage, etc.
  • Prepare for food service wearing protective coverings as required for sanitation
  • Ensure that utensils to be used are clean and in good working order
  • Serve food in accordance with portion requirements
  • Clean the food service line intermittently during the service period as necessary
  • Monitor the food supply and keep the cooks aware of anticipated food supply needs as quantities deplete
  • Monitor the quality of the food being serviced; Inform the cooks of any identified quality issues
  • Continually check temperature of hot and cold food during serving time; Make adjustments as necessary
  • Responsible for the proper use of gloves, utensils and portion control
  • Clean and sanitize serving utensils and work area after each shift

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of All Personal Touch Employees:

  • The philosophy at Personal Touch includes providing all customers with memorable service. The service provided by every person at our company touches multiple customers both internally and externally. All customers must be treated with courtesy and respect and every effort should be made to ensure customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Effective communication is key to customer service. It is the employee’s responsibility to refrain from profanity, harsh words, or derogatory/inappropriate comments and communicate in a business appropriate manner.
  • Personnel at Personal Touch are required to maintain a professional appearance at all times. This includes good hygiene; and, dressing in clean, neat, professional clothing or uniforms as required. Specific food service hygiene and dress code requirements are addressed separately in the employee manual.
  • Employee reliability is key to exceptional customer service. Productive attendance during your scheduled hours and timeliness are essential. If unable to work your scheduled shift, reporting requirements are outlined in the employee manual.
  • Continuous learning is a core requirement at Personal Touch. It is the company’s expectation that all employees are open to and engaged in professional growth opportunities including cross-training for other positions, teambuilding activities, and skills training programs offered by the company.
  • The health and safety of our employees is of paramount importance at Personal Touch. Compliance with safety regulations and reporting all on-the-job accidents and injuries as outlined in the employee manual is required.
  • The health and safety of our customers is also of paramount importance at Personal Touch. Compliance with health department regulations, sanitation requirements, and food safety training is required.
  • Attitude is everything! Employees at Personal Touch are expected to maintain a positive “can do” attitude when communicating with internal and external customers. Any concerns regarding your position or problems you may experience in the workplace should be addressed privately with your supervisor.
  • All employees should be aware that new or additional responsibilities outside the scope of this job description may be assigned by management as necessary.

Job Requirements:

  • Knowledge of foodstuffs is essential with some food production experience necessary.
  • Must be able to work at a moderate to fast pace.
  • Must possess basic math skills