Soup to Nuts

Personal Touch is committed to providing outstanding food and exceptional service on every level.  Whether it's the business world, retirement world, or the educational world, Personal Touch has provided quality and satisfaction on a variety of stages.

Service with a Smile

Our clients are known for providing exceptional products, service and customer satisfaction.  It's that customer-centric model that Personal Touch Food Service shares.  Our primary goal is exceeding our client's expectations.  That's done through our hands-on approach, attention to detail, responsive and friendly service, and the highest quality products. 

We're proud to be your Corporate Neighbor

In fact, we'd like to put our services at your disposal.  Personal Touch has world-class expertise in corporate catering.  How you treat your clients and associates is a reflection on you.  We can help make sure that it is an image of sophistication and taste.  Whether it's a full service banquet, cocktail reception, or simple coffee and sandwiches for a meeting, we have the capabilities to meet all your needs.

You can have your Cake and Eat it too

Prepare yourself for something good, something special, and above all, something you can enjoy every day.  We are uniquely positioned to make good on our claims because of our expert staff and supervision.  Quite simply, we bring more to the table.