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  1. Company Overview

Professional Assessments

Companies struggling with the day to day management, finances and sustainability of their food service programs turn to us for professional assessments and sound recommendations.

We offer expert consulting services that will resolve issues and advance your cafeteria and dining operations.

Expert Partner

Our consulting services empower you with an expert partner, insight and answers, and ultimately, a road map that defines the path ahead.

Whether your concerns are menu development, nutrition, low sales, facilities, food safety, regulations, procurement, production, staffing, or finances, we're in the know and the team to call.

Our Approach Is A Customized Approach

No Consulting Engagement Looks Exactly Like Any Other. You Are Different. So Are We.

  • Initial meeting to define objectives and outcomes.
  • Evaluation of current operation to include on-site observation of staff, facilities, merchandising, customer flow, hours of service, etc.
  • Review of daily/weekly/monthly/annual, sales, transactions, deposits, meal counts, point of sale reports, customer trends, staffing hours/wages/benefits, food costs, procurement, etc.
  • Innovative implementation plans to achieve your objectives, differentiate your service and improve operations.

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