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Capturing Your Cultural Soul

Our goal is to create a dining experience that reflects the cultural soul of your campus.

The Personal Touch team will draw students into casual and ongoing collaborations that produce inspired menus and engaging events that appeal to your whole community.

Your students will be treated like our best customer. We'll cater to their likes and dislikes, choosing recipes and making product changes with their preferences in mind.

If It's Not Sustainable; It's Not Sustainable

Advancing your sustainability goals, accelerates our own. We are stronger stewards working together.

We work closely with clients to develop a sustainable dining program that educates students, staff and faculty, defines purchasing practices, conserves resources and guides our daily practice and operations.

Our Mission is to Nourish Your Sustainable Objectives.

Diversity Is The Spice Of Life

You want to serve vegan, kosher, organic, halal, vegetarian, gluten free, ethnic? No problem!

You want oven-fresh rolls and scratch only, whole food dishes? Done!

You want humane, cage-free products and biodegradable disposables (containers, cups, napkins, utensils)? You got it!

You want 24X7 access, multi-stations, grab-and-go express meals and traditional holiday feasts? Can do!

We’re fascinated by the diversity, creativity, and ingenuity of people and food.

Sustained Commitment To Keeping It Fresh

Our robust approach to marketing is baked into a much bigger strategy. Every contributor hired, recipe approved or meal served is expected to deliver the kind of “big flavor” that creates real connections.

Our on-site kitchen crews cultivate loyalty by developing signature foods that leave gratified people craving for more. By developing menus that reflect your cultural preferences and hiring people with a genuine approach to relationship marketing we woo your community to the table.

Our first client is our oldest client. Financially sustainable food programs are key to sustainable partnerships.

Savvy, Skills and Heart

Our entire Company from our CEO to our dietitian to your chef is trained to “own” our roles. Our entrepreneurial culture drives us individually and keeps us collectively ahead of the curve.

Every member of the Personal Touch team is hired for savvy, skills and heart, we are empowered with all the decision-making autonomy that we’ll ever need to execute strategies and solve on-site problems.

Our entrepreneurial spirit is a sustainable competitive advantage.

We Know A Thing Or Two

We’re in this business because we know the importance of nutrition. We also know a thing or two about quality, standards and regulations.

We have a full-time registered dietitian working to develop and implement special dietary plans such as tasty, allergen-free offerings.

We have our own “Food Safety Specialist” that routinely monitors and evaluates our processes and people. We hold ourselves accountable to best-in-class food safety practices,.

We believe in the nourishing power of good people, good food and good practices.

We Love Food.

We love to taste it, eat it, smell it, feel it and serve it up to hungry people. Our fresh approach to cooking, connecting and collaborating reflects our personal passion for serving good food to good people.

We believe in the good food revolution.

We Love People.

People are at the heart of what we do and why we do it. Good food enriches lives. We are dedicated to making people feel good from the inside out. We celebrate people and food with a personal touch.

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